Over the course of more than 10 years of innovation and development, inheriting a solid foundation from Louistar Vietnam Group and non-stop innovation, Louistar Seed is honored to have received the trust and support from valuable partners. They have played a crucial role in building the company’s reputation and sustainable growth.


Global Partner Network Expansion:

Louistar Seed has established a strong and diverse global partner network. We have forged strategic collaborations with reputable companies, distributors, and agents worldwide, including China, Europe, the Philippines, and more. This has helped us expand our consumer markets and enhance the presence of Louistar Seed products in international markets.


Recognition from Esteemed Partners:

The quality and reliability of Louistar Seed products have been highly regarded by our partners. Our commitment to the quality and performance of our crop varieties has attracted the interest and trust of farmers, distributors, and consumers worldwide. This has contributed to the company’s increased presence and revenue growth in international markets.


Continuous Development:

We continuously enhance our research and development capabilities while investing in advanced technology and modern production systems. This allows Louistar Seed to continue developing and providing advanced agricultural solutions that meet the growing demands of the market and consumers. Additionally, we constantly seek and apply the latest trends in the industry to improve productivity and efficiency for farmers.


Contribution to Sustainable Development:

Louistar Seed is committed to contributing to the agricultural sector’s and society’s sustainable development. We conduct research, training, and advisory activities to improve productivity, protect the environment, and enhance the health and development of farming communities. The company also actively promotes international standards for food safety and environmental protection in the agricultural industry.