Environment and Community

Louistar Seed does not only focus on business goals and profitability but also has a responsibility to society and the environment. We are proud to be a corporation that is closely connected to national pride and committed to bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.


We maximize the potential of Vietnamese agricultural products, from selecting plant varieties, and production processes, to the quality and safety of the end products. We are committed to providing high-quality agricultural products that comply with international standards and have transparent origin traceability.


Louistar Seed not only sees the sustainable development of Vietnamese agricultural products as a business objective but also as a social responsibility. We are committed to implementing social activities that contribute to the comprehensive development of the community, actively supporting education, healthcare, and rural development projects to improve the quality of life for Vietnamese people.


Additionally, we value environmental protection and employ sustainable production methods, applying advanced technologies and high-efficiency production processes to minimize environmental impact. We are committed to complying with environmental protection regulations and promoting harmonious agricultural development with nature.

With all these commitments and responsibilities, Louistar Seed continuously strives to become an outstanding corporation and play an important role in the sustainable development of Vietnamese agricultural products, contributing to the creation of a prosperous society and a sustainable living environment.