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In addition to the farm sector, with the available strength from the Louistar Vietnam Group, Louistar Seed expands the distribution of high-quality imported frozen livestock and poultry products from Europe and India.
The corporation has established a reliable partner network worldwide to ensure the supply of fresh, delicious, and safe food products to customers. We focus on selecting the origin and quality of meat, ensuring that only the best products that adhere to food safety standards are delivered to consumers.

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Louistar Seed provides fresh and delicious imported beef, pork, and chicken from renowned European countries such as Ireland, Italy, and France. These are reliable sources with stringent monitoring systems, from nurturing to transportation and processing. The meat products have clear origins, tender texture, delightful flavor, and high nutritional value.
Furthermore, we also supply various imported types of meat from India, a country known for its supply of high-quality food that meets the strictest hygiene and food safety standards, ensuring freshness and natural flavors.

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With a commitment to bringing customers the best food products from reliable suppliers worldwide, emphasizing quality, safety, and freshness of the products, and providing dedicated and professional service, Louistar Seed has gradually established its position in the food supply sector and become a strategic supplier for reputable partners nationwide.