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With a commitment to bringing added value to the Vietnamese agricultural industry, as well as contributing to sustainable development and improving the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole, we relentlessly strive to become a reliable partner and contribute to the prosperity of the agricultural sector in Vietnam.

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Recognizing the opportunities and potential that the Vietnamese agriculture sector brings – a member of the Louistar Vietnam Group, has focused on building a sustainable agricultural production system that meets the requirements for quality and food safety in the international market. We are committed to applying modern cultivation methods, utilizing advanced technologies, and implementing stringent quality control processes to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. We believe that developing clean and high-quality agriculture not only brings economic benefits but also ensures the health and sustainable development of the community. We leverage advanced technologies and processes to optimize production efficiency, protect the environment, and safeguard the rights of farmers.

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Louistar Seed has unique strengths in two main business areas: Seeds and Agricultural Inputs, along with Cultivation. We continuously innovate and apply advanced solutions to provide effective and optimized agricultural solutions, from supplying high-quality plant seeds to providing essential agricultural inputs.