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Over the course of more than 10 years of innovation and development, combined with the advantage of being a member of the Louistar Vietnam Group, Louistar Seed is honored to have gained the trust and companionship of our valued partners. We have established reliable partnerships with reputable stakeholders in the rice industry, building a sustainable and extensive network of collaborators, including:


Raw material suppliers:

We work closely with trusted rice suppliers to ensure a stable and high-quality source of raw materials.


Agricultural units:

We have formed partnerships with local agricultural units, creating conditions for rice cultivation that meets high-quality and sustainable standards.


Transportation and logistics partners:

We collaborate with transportation and logistics partners to ensure the swift and safe delivery of rice from the factory to export points.


Export customers and partners:

We foster long-term partnerships with customers and export partners worldwide, ensuring access to large markets and meeting the demands for high-quality rice.

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Welstory Việt Nam

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ABC Việt Nam

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Dịch vụ ăn uống Ba Sao

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Hương Việt Sinh

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chăn nuôi CP Việt Nam

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Richy Miền Bắc

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Foseca Việt Nam

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