Strategic human resource

As a member of the Louistar Vietnam Group, Louistar Seed always places Human Resource Management as one of the top priorities to ensure sustainable development and success. We understand that personnel and creativity are decisive factors for competitiveness and breakthroughs in the business environment. Therefore, we strive to create a dynamic working environment where employees can maximize their potential.


By leveraging and respecting the diversity and uniqueness of each individual in the company, our team consists of carefully selected employees, including top experts and enthusiastic young talents. We are committed to providing opportunities for comprehensive personal development and promoting creativity through professional training programs, skill-enhancement courses, and continuous learning and innovation activities.


In particular, we have built an effective and fair evaluation system that maximizes individual development. We create training and support programs to help employees develop their professional and leadership skills, thereby building a talented management team and outstanding staff.

At Louistar Seed, we believe that the innovation and development of employees are the keys to overcoming challenges and achieving sustainable success. We are committed to creating a motivating work environment and opportunities for individuals to maximize their potential and contribute to overall development.